Our History

Our History

In 1850 Winston County was carved out of Walker County. While there were Baptist churches in the area, no association was formed until 1874. On October 9 of that year, 12 messengers met at Rock Creek Baptist Church just north of Double Springs to form the Clear Creek Baptist Association. Original churches in the association were Bethel #1 (Arley), Bethlehem (Black Pond), Herman (Walker County), Houston (Houston), Mt. Olive (Double Springs), Mt. Zion (Walker County), New Prospect (Haleyville), Oak Grove, Rock Creek (Double Springs), Sardis #1 (Lynn), and Shiloh (Natural Bridge). The association elected Elder Thomas M. Martin as its first moderator and James Hilton as its first clerk.

The association has had 105 churches who were members at one time or another. Churches from Walker County (Blooming Grove, Hermon, Mt. Vernon, Fall City, and Friendship), Cullman County (Mt. Pleasant, Mt. Hope, and Emeons), Franklin County (Bethlehem and Orange), Marion County (Trinity, Grace, New Hope #2, and Myers Hill), and Lawrence County (Mountain Springs and Bulah) have been or are still a part of the association.

In 1959, the name of the association was changed from the Clear Creek Association to the Winston County Baptist Association. Today that is still the name. However, because there are now two churches in the association who are located in adjoining Marion County, the name is usually shortened [though not legally] to simply Winston Baptist Association.

At the present time, there are thirty six churches and one Hispanic mission that comprise the association. Since 1966, there have been four DOM’s. They were A. G. Higdon [1967-1977], Blanton Adair [1978-1999], Al Hood [2000 to 2015], and Don Smith [2015-2020]. Listed below is a compilation of approximate dates of those who have served in this capacity.

DOM’s for Clear Creek and Winston Baptist Association:*

1915-1919 H. S. Curtis
1920-1922 G. W. Gibson – east of the Sipsey River
J. J. Bartlett – west of the Sipsey River
1939-1949 J. J. Bartlett
1950-1954 Jerry M. Burns
1955-1956 Harold Benson
1956 Miss Pernie Sudduth (interim)
1956-1959 C. B. Campbell
1960-1962 James K. Burke
1964-1966 Zack Winningham
1967-1977 A. G. Higdon
1978-1999 Blanton Adair
2000-2014 Al Hood
2015-2020 Don Smith

* Please note that all dates are estimates and are based upon old records, some of which overlap each other.